RightSearch is a technology-driven, client focused leasing company providing a professional data-based ecosystem for companies looking for office spaces.  Over the course of its operational years, the company has developed a strong network across the country, designing and delivering customized strategies and services to its diverse clientele.  We offer to lease for all types of Business/ IT parks, SEZs, multi-tenant towers and standalone single-tenant commercial buildings.  We provide ready-to-occupy as well as built-to-suit workspace options.

With our specialized and reliable approach to office leasing, we keep in mind the commercial trends, sustainability and market analysis to provide with an office lease that goes well with business objectives of our clients.  Our undying zeal to cater to the diverse office-space requirements of the clients has enabled us to build a staunch reputation amongst a clientele that includes top-notch MNCs and leading Indian conglomerates in multiple sectors.

The firm advises its clients on all major aspects of transaction, as given below:
  • Sourcing- A fruitful consultative relationship with prospective tenant starts with a thorough understanding of what it requires.   For searching required workspace, we take into account specifications based on- company structure, nature of work, type of office (furnished, semi-furnished or bareshell), preferred locations, exact area, number of seats, budget etc.  We offer a wide range of office spaces to choose from, along with detailed cost break-ups and comparisons.
  • Valuation- Valuation is integral to leasing decisions.  Our company has been at the forefront in providing accurate, reliable and timely valuations critical to the success of every leasing transaction.  We assist in estimating fair rent of the property and provides valuable inputs on leasing issues.  Stringent valuation methodologies, supplemented with a deep understanding of market dynamics results in reliable assessments.
  • Due-Diligence- We conduct extensive Due Diligence, both from legal and financial perspectives, in order to ascertain the assets and liabilities of the target property.  This includes verifying title, physical inspection of the premises, identification of the encumbrances it is subject to and ensuring tax liabilities on it.  The findings made during due diligence process are summarized in a comprehensive report, offering a complete picture of legal situation of property.  The report particularly flags those areas where specific representations and warranties are needed.
  • Negotiation- We have a thorough knowledge of the Indian real estate market.  Our highly professional team draws on its skill, know-how, preparation and experience to achieve desired outcomes swiftly and effectively.  It’s always on a lookout to reduce your real-estate related costs and any related risk exposure while securing most favourable terms of lease.  We help you to lease the property at best negotiated rates.
  • Documentation- We have extensive experience in execution of paperwork involved in leasing transactions.  Our legal experts assist you in finalizing the deal, drafting legally perfect lease agreements/contracts and in securing lease registration with the government registrar of property sales and leases.  And then we make sure that you get all the services & facilities as mentioned in the lease deed.