Offices in SEZs

Special Economic Zones are well-defined geographical regions offering liberal economic laws.  They are delineated duty free enclaves for the purpose of trade, operations, duty and tariffs.  These zones are self-contained and integrated with their own infrastructure and support services.

The goal of SEZ structure is to increase foreign investment.  SEZs are synonymous with globalization and are meant to ensure a flow of labour and capital from surplus to deficit regions so that everyone benefits from investment and export promotion.  The lower cost of production in an SEZ makes exports more attractive while offering the unique advantage of servicing a potentially large Indian market at the same time.

RightSearch has leased in excess of 4 Million square feet of Commercial space that includes offices in well-located SEZs of National Capital Region.  We can certainly connect you with attentively designed workspaces in SEZs, providing flexible and effective working environments.